Frequently Asked Questions

Buying from Artisans Online

Selling with us

  • How do I apply to join your markets?

    You can apply to join our markets by visiting our market registration page. Please make sure you complete all of the information requested.

  • How much does a market cost?

    Most of our markets have a standard charge of £50 for a 3x3m space with a 6' table provided. We have a limited number of pitches where you supply your own gazebo, and separate prices for high output street food.

  • How do I apply to sell online?

    Start by filling in our market registration form. You will also need to register for a vendor account.

  • Do you have any spaces at the market?

    Most of our events are at full occupancy, especially given our reduced capacity due to the Covid Secure measures in place.

  • I have applied to join your market, but haven't heard back from you yet

    We add all suitable applications to our reserve list for markets. When a space becomes available we will be in touch to invite you to an event.

  • I am an authorised reseller for/representative of …

    We pride ourselves on providing high quality, locally produced products. Unfortunately we are unable to take applications from franchise businesses or strict retaillers of wholesale products.

  • I have applied to sell with you, how do I book on a market?

    We operate an invitation system for all markets. Invites are sent to our regular traders initially. Once our regular traders have confirmed their spaces, we will invite traders from our reserve list who do not conflict with existing bookings for the event.

  • Can you send me a receipt/invoice for the market?

    Your confirmation email includes a receipt for your booking. If you create, or log into, an account when you book you will also be able to view all of your bookings with receipts in your account area.

  • Have I booked on to the market?

    If you have made a booking you will have automatically been sent a receipt email to confirm your space. If you create, or log in to, an account when booking you will also be able to see a list of your booked markets in the “My Orders” section of your account.

  • I haven't received my order yet, where is it?

    We are sorry to hear that your order hasn't arrived yet. In the first instance, please contact the vendor directly, using the form found at the bottom of their shop page.
    If you are unable to resolve your issue with the vendor, please contact us with the order number and details of the items you have not received so that we can follow up on your behalf

All of the products offered for sale on Artisans Online are sold and dispatched directly by the vendor. If you have any questions about a product, or about shipping, please use the contact form found at the bottom of each Vendor’ shop page to send your message directly to the vendor.

If you have any other questions not covered here, please contact us.