Terms & Conditions – Stallholders at Artisan Market Events

Valente Market Company Ltd trading as The Market Co

These regulations apply to all stallholders. Strict compliance with them is a condition of the contract for the hire of a stall site on an event.

It is essential that all stallholders cooperate and play their part in ensuring that The Market Co’s events are profitable, enjoyable and safe for everyone. This includes complying with the commercial and administrative terms (especially regarding bookings and payment), the insurance terms, trading standards guidelines, food hygiene and the risk management and accident prevention terms.


Traders are invited to attend an event by email.

Stallholders are invited entirely at the Operators discretion. Please do not assume a monthly pitch is automatically yours.

Confirmation of attendance is by return email and in doing so the trader automatically agrees to the terms and conditions.


Payment must be made at least 5 working days in advance of an event unless otherwise indicated. If payment not present in Operator’s account prior to the event cash will be expected on the day of the event plus the administration fee – bacs payments on the day or after the event will not be accepted!

Payment should be made by bank transfer to the appropriate bank account for the event listed in the invite. Direct debit/ standing orders may be set up if more convenient (cancellation and refund policies still apply to DD & STO)

Cheques are not accepted as payment method.

Late payments taken as cash on the day will incur an administration fee of £5.00.


Stallholders must accept the risk of bad weather and will not generally be entitled to a refund for these reasons.

Cancellations of confirmed bookings from stallholders will only be accepted up to one week prior to the relevant market day. A full refund will be only be paid if sufficient notice is provided and the market Operator is able to find a replacement stallholder.

In the event of extreme adverse weather conditions, causing the Operator to cancel the market, refunds will be at the Operators discretion and will be a percentage of the stall fee, taking into account the operators pre-event expenses.

Trading Hours:

Most regular monthly events operate trading times of 10.00 am to 4.00pm. Stallholders are expected to trade for the duration of the event as a courtesy to their fellow traders and at the request of the Operator.

Should a stallholder be required to leave early it is expected they will first gain permission from the Market Manager.

Any variation to these trading times will be notified by the Operator prior to the event.

Allocation and Position of Pitch:

The Operator is solely responsible for the allocation and position of pitch sites.

It is not permissible for stallholders to change the pitch position without consultation with the Operator.

Eligible Goods:

On application traders are to supply a description and photographs of the goods intended for sale. Any additions/amendments to this portfolio must be approved by the Operator. The Operator will ask for any non-authorized goods to be removed from display.

Exclusive Trading Rights:

The Operator will endeavour to prevent duplication of products within the event but does not guarantee exclusivity.

Covid Secure General Measures – The Market Co Staff:

  • Each trader will be provided with a 3x3m gazebo or space for their own 3x3m gazebo – this will ensure 2m distancing from neighbouring traders and the public. A side will be placed in the centre of a 6x3m gazebo to limit contact with neighbouring trader.
  • Gazebos will be positioned to create as much space as possible to enable the public to queue at 2m safe distances and freedom of movement maintaining 2m distancing.
  • Where possible there will be a one-way system in operation again to facilitate 2m distancing and floor markings to encourage queue direction and 2m spacing at streetfood stalls.
  • The Market Co will provide hand sanitising stations at entry and exit points of each market for public/trader use. These will be cleaned regularly.
  • The Market Co will remove all seating from streetfood area to limit dwell time and maintain 2m distancing.
  • All equipment/infrastructure will be cleaned prior to start and at the end of the market day.
  • All infrastructure staff will wear, masks, gloves and goggles. Management staff will wear masks and gloves at all times.

Covid Secure General Measures – Artisan Traders:

  • Traders must use the space within the gazebo to ensure 2m distancing from neighbours and public.
  • All traders must have completed their own risk assessment and have it available on the day.
  • Each trader to produce a sign asking people not to touch goods unless buying.
  • Each 6x3m gazebo will have a full side separating the two halves.
  • All traders will be required to wear masks and visors provided by The Market Co. Alternative to visor if preferred will be cellophane screen across the front of the gazebo. The Market Co will provide this.
  • All traders must have adequate hand washing/sanitizing, disinfectant spray (foodsafe for food products BS EN 1276 or 13697) & gloves available on their stall.
  • Contactless payments as preferred method of taking payments, all cash transfers must be sanitized.
  • All food products to be pre-packaged and individually wrapped. This is also preferred for non-food items were possible.
  • No samples to be available to public.
  • Streetfood traders to add condiments to products for the customer.
  • All surfaces that can be touched by the public to be cleaned regularly.

Covid Secure General Measures

  • Any trader displaying any symptoms of Covid-19 such as a persistent cough, fever or change of sense of taste/smell should not appear at any market. They should self-isolate in line with government guidance.
  • Cleanliness and appearance of your stall, products and stall holders will now more than ever be scrutinised by members of the public. Smoking is not allowed anywhere within the market site during opening times. Traders and staff who do smoke must do this a reasonable distance away from their stall (ideally out of site of the public) with hand sanitising protocols followed immediately after.
  • Traders must maintain social distancing guidelines wherever possible. This includes during setup and takedown. Any trader not doing so will be asked to leave the event.
  • Until further notice all stall rents must be paid in advance. This is non-negotiable and traders who do not pay upfront will not be allowed onto an event.
  • We expect markets to be under an intense amount of scrutiny as all businesses will be as they reopen. It will only be by sticking to these guidelines that we will be able to build confidence in the public and the authorising bodies.

These Covid guidelines will no doubt change and adapt as we learn more about the virus and restrictions begin to be lifted.

We will follow Government recommendations and update accordingly.

Site Use and Presentation:

Stallholders must operate strictly within the marked boundaries of the stall site that has been allocated to them, generally 3m x 1.5m 3mx3m whilst Covid Secure Measures are in place) and avoid encroachment into neighbouring trader pitch space. Additional tables must fit within the allocated space.

The presentation of stalls must be of a professional standard that is satisfactory to the Operator.

Traders supplying their own infrastructure must ensure that it is good quality and weighted appropriately.

Approval to use a portable generator can only be given by the Operator and only in exceptional circumstances.

Gas safety certificates must be provided for all gas appliances.


Smoking is not permitted in the vicinity of the stalls.

Setting Up, Closing Down, Loading And Unloading:

Stallholders must set up, close down, load and unload strictly within the specified times and guidelines given for each event.

Before vacating their stall site, stallholders must remove all rubbish and do all other things that may be reasonably necessary to leave the stall site in the same condition that it was in before they set up their stall for the day.

Stallholders are required to remove any items that have been attached to gazebos and tables so as not to cause harm or encumbrance to crew during de rig.

Stallholders are required to remove and take away their own trade waste.

Bad Weather And Other Disruptions:

The Market Co events operate in all weathers and will operate on the designated market day unless extreme weather or other disruptions that are beyond the Operator’s control compel the Operator to close the markets for the safety of traders and the public.

It is the responsibility of the stallholder to contact the Operator to check if the event is going ahead.

The Operator will communicate the cancellation of an event via social media.

Operator’s Directions:

Stallholders must comply with all directions given to them by the Operator.

Stallholders must treat the staff of the Operator, other stallholders and members of the public with courtesy and respect at all times. Any unacceptable behaviour including, but not limited to, aggression, abusive language or refusal to comply with a reasonable direction will be treated as a breach of a condition of these regulations. Such a breach is likely to result in that stallholder being required to leave the markets immediately and being banned from trading at any future markets.

Any direction given by the Operator regarding risk management or accident prevention must be complied with strictly and immediately.

Operator’s Dispute Resolution Determinations:

The Operator may make determinations to resolve any dispute that may arise including, but not limited to, disputes between stallholders and disputes between stallholders and customers or other members of the public. The Operators decision is final.

Stallholder’s Warranties And Representations:

The stallholder acknowledges and agrees that, by applying to hire a stall site, the stallholder makes the following warranties and representations:

  • That the statements made in the online application system are true, accurate and complete;
  • That the stallholder has carefully read these regulations and agrees to be bound by their terms and conditions;
  • That the stallholder has the full legal and beneficial ownership of the goods that they offer for sale and that their ownership is free of any encumbrances;
  • That the stallholder will not engage in any false or misleading conduct including, but not limited to, selling counterfeit goods or mislabeling goods;
  • That the stallholder has the necessary licenses, practicing certificates or permission to sell the goods that they offer for sale;

Inspection Of Documents:

Stallholders must supply all necessary documentation requested the first time they trade at an event or when subsequently requested.

Updated copies are to be sent when insurance renewal takes place.

Exclusion Of The Operator’s Liability:

The stallholder acknowledges and agrees that the Operator has not given any warranties or made any representations relating to the stallholder’s occupation or use of a stall site at The Market Co’s events other than as are specifically set out in these regulations. This includes, but is not limited to, any warranties or representations relating to:

  • The stallholder’s likely sales or profits;
  • The benefits of the location of any particular stall site;
  • The number of potential customers that are likely to visit the markets;
  • The presence of other stallholders on the same market day selling the same or similar goods or services or the location of their stall site;
  • The services and facilities that are available to the stallholder other than as are expressly set out in these regulations;
  • The extent to which the Operator has carried out marketing or advertising to attract customers to the markets;
  • The suitability of the markets for any particular purpose;

Claims Against The Operator:

The stallholder acknowledges and agrees that the Operator is not liable for any claims arising from:

  • Damage to the goods or other property of the stallholder;
  • Theft of the goods or other property of the stallholder;
  • Injury, loss or damage suffered by any person at The Market Co’s events;
  • Damage to or the theft of the property of any person at the markets.

Inspection of Insurance Policies:

Stallholders must at all times have available copies of their Public Liability Insurance policies.

Stallholders must have public liability insurance cover of £5M

Risk Management and Accident Prevention Terms:

Stallholders must comply with the Operator’s online bookings and payment procedures, to help the Operator’s staff to keep to a minimum the amount of cash that they need to hold on market days.

Stallholders must report promptly to the Operator any security problems including, but not limited to, robberies, shoplifting, pickpocketing, unusual packages or the need to forcibly remove drunken or belligerent customers from the events.

Any stallholder using equipment or practices that could endanger the health & safety of any persons will be asked to leave the event.

Traffic Management:

Stallholders must appreciate that most events are held on public roads.  When setting up, closing down, loading and unloading in this area, they must exercise the same degree of care for their own safety and consideration for the safety and convenience of others that they should exercise on a public road.

Where traffic management signs, cones etc are in force it is the responsibility of all stallholders to ensure that they are correctly repositioned if manoeuvred for access.

Tripping/Other Accidents:

To reduce the risk of tripping accidents, stallholders must keep their stall site and the immediate vicinity clear of anything that might obstruct pedestrian traffic and cause tripping accidents.

Stallholders must ensure that their stall sites are free of any sharp corners or dangerous projections that might injure customers particularly of hard materials such as timber, metal or glass.

It is imperative that nothing sharp or dangerous is attached to tables or gazebos that may endanger or encumber set up crew when erecting or dismantling equipment eg staples, screws, clips, fastenings.

Stallholder Requirements:

Food stallholders must rely on their own public liability insurance to include cover for claims arising from the sale of hot food or from food contamination.

Food stallholders must acknowledge and agree that the Operator is not liable for any worker’s compensation claim by any of their staff.

In the storage, preparation, cooking and service of food, food stallholders must comply strictly with all legal requirements and/or the recognised best practice standards including, but not limited to:

  • Holding a valid Food Hygiene Certificate and also be registered and inspected (or pending) by their local Environmental Health Office.
  • All sales of alcohol must be made in accordance with Challenge 25 guidelines.
  • Goods must be marked and priced according to legal requirements. Contact your local Trading Standards office for more information.