Sudo catering

Addlestone, Surrey

In 2017, chef Hiroshi Sudo and his wife, Aki established their family catering business in Surrey.​
For over 20 years Hiroshi Sudo worked as chef then Head Chef at Matsuri, one of the most popular Japanese restaurants in London. He has provided catering experiences for VIP clients that include embassies, Formula 1 World Championship teams, The Japanese Olympic Committee and 2012 London Olympics athletics teams. Hiroshi is also a popular guest on television shows in Japan and has appeared as a guest on Heston Blumenthal’s programme 'In Search of Perfection'.
After his sucess his own catering business, they launched own Sudo signature brand of speciality Japanese sauces.
His sauces are used in his street food stall, "AKINDO" in London. Spicy soy sauce and Teriyaki soy sauce are very popular in his stall. They received many requests from cutomers to sell his sauce which is the one of reasons to sell his own sauce.

At Sudo, we go to great lengths to source the best Japanese ingredients for all our products. With our new sauces, you can now enjoy the unique taste of Japanese food at home!

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