My Spicy Blends

Lady heyes craft centre, Kingsley road

From his production kitchen situated at Lady Heyes Craft Centre just outside
Frodsham, experienced chef Jeremy Harris is now producing a range of spice
and recipe kits aimed at the home cook who would like to replicate restaurant
standard dishes from all around the world.
His range includes all the favourites found in good quality restaurants from
India, China, Thailand, Mexico, Malaysia and North Africa. Amongst the
growing range of spice kits you will find Jalfrezi, Tikka Masala, Thai
Red/Green/Yellow curry, Massaman, Moroccan Tagine, Mexican Birria,
Malaysian Rendang plus lots more to choose from. He will even make up your
own bespoke kit for you. All kits come with a recipe card to follow and are
designed to produce 4 portions, however all the hard work has been done for
you. All you need to do is add liquid (water or coconut milk) to the spice
blend, followed by your main ingredient (Meat, Fish or Veggies) and then
cook, serve and enjoy!!!
He also produces a range of seasonings, dry rubs and flavoured salts and
peppers such as Chinese 5 spice, Tandoori, Lemon Pepper, Texan rub, Smoky
Fajita, Piri-Piri, Szechuan salt and pepper and lots lots more.
So for a tasty authentic food lovers trip around the world, head over to;

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