Lavandi Body & Nature

Northwich, Cheshire,

First hand experiences and a belief in the need for plastic free, palm oil free natural, vegetarian/vegan and cruelty-free products lead Gavin Erlam and Matthew Wareing to create Lavandi Body and Nature.
This is our story.
Meeting up with friends for a Sunday lunch, the conversation turned to Gavin's last holiday. He spoke about the only thing that had really stuck with him on this trip: the amount of plastic debris in all the places he had been. The conversation moved on to single use plastics and the need to stop using them before it is too late. Soaps, shampoos and cosmetics seemed to be an area that most people bought single use or non-recyclable plastic. At this point, Matthew chipped in about the number of harmful chemicals there are in some soaps, shampoos and cosmetics. The pair decided that instead of waiting for someone to do something, they would... and so Lavandi Body and Nature was born.

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