CoCo Nation


CoCo Nation is committed to selling high quality, natural products which are kind to the environment and minimize the negative impact on the planet.

Base materials of all our products are usually thrown away after extracting its financial value or not at all been used commercially. For example, coconut shells are thrown away in Asian households after extracting the water and scraping out the flesh. We add more value to these leftovers before it degrades, providing a substitute for much harmful single use plastics.

All our products are responsibly sourced from small scale workshops in Asia. Our efforts are directed towards creating a better market and a better life for these entrepreneurs.

Since we source our products from small scale workshops, our supply chain moves at a slower pace compared to mass produced goods. However, our suppliers are determined to cater to your needs prioritizing quality over quantity. As the demand increases, our suppliers will need more labor, creating more job opportunities within the same neighbourhood.

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