Chorizos Casa Gomez

31 Fernbank Drive, Eckington S21 4HG

We are a husband and wife team uniquely creating artisan premium chorizos from our home in Eckington.

We knew how to make chorizos as my husband (Felix) is Spanish, but we had to learn how to make them safely to meet specifications required to sell. So we have worked for the last year to perfect our chorizos with the support of our local EHO,Business Sheffield,The Food and Drink Forum (Nottingham) and Intertek Laboratory.

We do not add gluten, dairy or nuts. Our ingredients are locally sourced (except the paprika as the best is from Spain!) our pork is free range and we use only the best cuts; leg.

We wanted the chorizos to be as close to the original Spanish recipe as possible and as natural as possible therefore we do not add preservatives or additives but use a starter culture (think cheese and yogurt production!). Even the casings for our chorizos are natural and therefore do not need peeling, just eat them as they are or using them in cooking.

Welcome to Chorizos Casa Gomez!

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