Cactus Parlour

Wilmslow, Cheshire

The Cactus Parlour ... adding the personal touch to houseplants! The Cactus Parlour is a family run business based in Cheshire. We offer a truly unique choice of potted indoor plants. We specialise in all types of cacti and succulents planted in a wide range of stunning pots - a quality selection that just can’t be found on the high street. We use the finest organic coco compost which is the perfect growing medium, we add slow release organic nutrient and finish with a top dressing of either RHS potting grit or crushed whelk shells. Each plant and pot combination is unique and is sent out with care instructions and spare top dressing. We mostly trade at artisan markets and fairs in the north of England but a selection of ourbeautiful creations are also offered online. Plants make people happy - so treat yourself or someone else!

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