Bear Cool Honey Company

Eckington Derbyshire

Bear Cool are all about the BEES!!! We are a Local Family business based in Eckington and the beautiful Derbyshire countryside. I'm a Beekeeper doing what I love caring for our bees in our beautiful apiary helped along by family and friends. (I am a member of the BBKA, with exam being passed and my local association the CDBKA ).
We pride ourselves on our friendly service. Always a smile and a BEE chat here!
We have a 5 * food standards rating and take hygiene seriously even more so in the current environment with extra precautions being taken in line with government guidelines.
We focus on producing honey straight from the hive as natural as it comes, nothing added just filtered through a fine gauze. We also sell infused honeys which are hugely popular and these are made by infusing our wildflower honey with Lemon, Ginger, Chilli and Cinnamon, not all together!
We care about our planet so also sell beautiful ethical, fair trade, eco products made by skilled artisans across the world and in the UK. The sale of many of these products funds local communities and villages.
We are stockists for Shared Earth, BeeBombs, Sarah Body, Felt So Good, Eco Chic, Tilnar Art and the English Tableware Company.
We support local charities and communities and support and encourage recycling selling products made from recycled items. We encourage reuse!

We name all our Queen Bees and run a very colourful apiary with painted and decorated hives! They deserve to live in the best we can provide for them.

Honey Bees populate an estimated one third of every food crops we consume. They are the most important creature on our planet and deserve the respect we give them.

Love our BEES, Love our Planet.

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