Ormskirk Artisan Market

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Ormskirk Artisan Market is about to become one of the highlights on the town’s calendar and takes place on the 1st Sunday every month right in the heart of town.

Ormskirk lies on sloping ground on the side of a ridge, whose highest point is 81 metres (266 ft) above sea-level, at the centre of the West Lancashire Plain, and has been described as a “planned borough”, laid out in the 13th century.

The name is Old Norse in origin and is derived from Ormres kirkja, from a personal name, Ormr (which means Serpant or Dragon), and the Old Norse word kirkja for church. Ormr may have been a Viking who settled here, became a Christian and founded the church but there are no other records or archaeological evidence to support this and Ormr’s identity is unknown.

The market takes place once a month throughout the year and consists of over 60 of the very finest artisan market traders.

Our selection process is exacting so you will find a high-quality range of authentic goods with an emphasis on all that is local, ethical and original. Our traders are all super-talented and we expect great things of them.

Whether it is something for dinner, a gift for a friend, a treat for someone special or simply stocking up on essentials that you can’t get elsewhere – Ormskirk Artisan Market is the place to visit. No matter what the weather rain or shine, the market will enliven your spirit, and combined with a scout around the shops and time out in a restaurant; it’s a great day out!

What to expect

Slap bang in the heart of Ormskirk, a magnificent spectacle, an opportunity to browse stalls, taste the culinary treats, talk to artists, vintage dealers and designer-makers, or sample the hot authentic street food whilst being entertained by local musicians.

The artisan traders will have been busy, baking, brewing, preparing, making, capturing (pictures that is!), designing, distilling, sewing, stitching, stirring, cooking, sourcing, painting, growing and constructing.

All the very finest, exquisite craftsmen and craftswomen, many local to Urmston, talented, award winning, passionate, knowledgeable, creative and wonderful artisan market traders bringing a whole array of mouth watering, quirky, unusual, design led, aromatic, tasty, curious, gorgeous, distinctive, original, beautiful, useful, hand crafted, locally sourced, inspiring, seasonal, tempting, fresh, delicious, bespoke, interesting, must have goodies.

Next market on Sun 04 August 2024

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L39 2XN

Travel & Parking

Ormskirk Town Centre is easily accessed by public transport. We are only a few minutes walk from the train station, on all bus routes and there are bike racks for keen cyclists throughout the town.

Ormskirk Artisan Market is located right in the centre of town on Moor Street

By Car

There are numerous pay & display car parks in the centre of town.

By Train

Ormskirk Station
Station Approach
L39 2YN

The nearest train station to Ormskirk is Town Green. It’s a 17 min walk away.

By Bus


The nearest bus stop to Ormskirk is Railway Approach. It’s a 3 min walk away.